Sully (2016)

Clint Eastwood’s Sully is about as innovative as a generic, “crowd-pleaser-for-all-ages” movie gets, but it is still a silly waste of talent. For one, it has none of the Clint Eastwoodness to it, so it essentially could have been directed by any gun for hire instead of Dirty Harry. It is a Tom Hanks movie, but there is very little of Tom Hanksyness to his performance which is not to say it’s bad, but it does not have the wattage. The infamous man he is playing, Chesley Sullenberger, is a low-watt guy.

The narrative is not linear. The anticipated spectacle of the water landing scene is not first thing seen on screen. Though, neither is it last. It is not the entire movie, but also it is. It is portrayed in various ways a number of times. It was an interesting way to portray the event about which nearly all of the audience is very aware and these dramatic reenactments are executed quite well.

It’s got a deep bench of character actors, though the scenes of Laura Linney’s worried wife are a waste.Additionally, Mike O’Malley’s big bad seems invented and overtly antagonistic in a way that could not have really occurred.

The very end is anti-climactic and overdramatic; especially in comparison to Eastwood’s last “based on true events” film. Though, for all of the forced drama and psychological machinations Hanks repeating the words “One Fifty Five,” first as a question and then as a touching realization that every passenger survived the landing almost makes it all worth it.

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