Table 19 (2017)

While watching the first half-hour of Table 19 one wonders why it was made and how so many name actors became attached to it. The initial premise is a collection of sitcom tropes you’d expect to see on an episode of Friends or the (Lisa Kudrow is even present here). However the film takes on an unexpectedly serious tone about halfway in. Though, the seriousness is treated with off-kilter levity and is more often brushed aside for broad romantic/comic generalness.

The film stars Anna Kendrick in the lead with an ensemble of Kudrow, Craig Robinson, June Squibb, Tony Revolori, Stephen Merchant, Wyatt Russell, and even Margo Martindale in an off-screen voice role. They are table-mates at the worst table at the wedding reception of Kendrick’s former close friend whose brother is the best man as well as Kendrick’s ex). It was written and directed by Jeffrey Blitz from a story he collaborated on with the incredibly prolific Duplass brothers. They all have good track records, but this movie seemed like a one-off.

Is it possible that Table 19 would improve upon second viewing; with the understanding of what is happening in the world beyond table 19 may illuminate what is happening at it? It’s hard to say, because I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again.

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