Mudbound (2017)

Mudbound is the better movie about race that came out in 2017. It deals with class, upward mobility, PTSD, and the bond of family. Director Dee Rees gives equal time to scene, setting, and character development. She also co-wrote the script with Virgil Williams.

The performances of the film are Rob Morgan, Garrett Hedlund, and Jason Mitchell. Hedlund and Mitchell return to rural Mississippi after serving in WWII. They return from death and glory to a life they remember, but barely recognize. Mitchell is definitely an actor to watch. Mary J. Blige also gives a good performance for a non-actor.

Mudbound is novelistic. The multiple voice-over narration and shifting scenes gives the film a dreamlike feel. I feel like that if Mudbound was shot on film instead of the Netflix-brand shiny digital and was mass-released in theaters rather than streamed, it would be up for Best Picture.

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